Episode 1:
The Curtain Opens

Syllabic units (feet) in the beginning of "To be or not to be"

Try it!

  1. Enter the Syllables: You will see a line from Shakespeare's play displayed on the screen, with a series of boxes below it. Each box represents a syllable from the line. Your task is to break down the line into its constituent syllables and type each syllable into its corresponding box.

  2. Check Your Answers: Once you have filled in all the boxes with what you believe to be the correct syllables, click on the "Check Answers" button. The system will compare your answers with the correct syllables.

  3. Review the Score and Correct Answers: After clicking the "Check Answers" button, you will see your score displayed below the button. The score indicates the number of syllables you have correctly identified. If you entered a syllable incorrectly, the system will highlight the box in red and will replace your incorrect answer with the correct syllable.

  4. Learn the Phonetics: After checking your answers, the system will display the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) notation of the line above the original text. This notation represents the exact pronunciation of the line, so you can learn how to pronounce the line accurately.

Remember, the goal of this feature is to help you better understand the prosody of Shakespeare's lines, enhancing your appreciation of his work and improving your English pronunciation skills. Enjoy the process, and don't be discouraged if you make mistakes—it's all part of the learning process!